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Industrial control systems: the new cyber hacker ‘go to’
March 24, 2021 | Insurance News
The attack on the Florida water treatment facility plant demonstrates the growing sophistication of hackers and growing cyber risks for our critical infrastructure. Critical infrastructure is increasingly being targeted by hackers, putting systems at risk that provide services and utilities to entire nations.
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Planning for business continuity
February 05, 2021 | Insurance Business
Lynette Schultheis speaks to Insurance Business Australia on on some critical things organisations should review as they step in to the new year.
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Has 2020 made us rethink risk?
December 03, 2020 | Acuity Magazine
The experiences shared by senior directors and executives at FM Global’s recent Rethinking Risk roundtable point to the ability of companies with well-prepared risk and crisis management plans to respond with agility, minimising not only the damage to business operations, but also any consequent loss.
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Insurer on how the crisis has pushed it beyond the traditional
October 28, 2020 | Insurance Business Australia
As we all start to map out our post-crisis strategies, there’s no better time to re-examine business continuity and emergency response plans. Being able to act quickly if and when an incident happens will have a huge impact on limiting the damage that results.
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