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Automation is the buzzword – from MHD magazine
April 10, 2019 | Transport and Logistics News
The shift to automation is all about reducing costs and time to market in a highly competitive industry. But poorly understood and managed risks threaten to send these advantages up in smoke.
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Solar farms need to be 'cyclone proof', insurer warns
March 28, 2019 | Australian Financial Review
With up to five tropical cyclones threatening the Queensland coast each year FM Global believes the proliferation of commercial solar farms across the Sunshine State is a disaster waiting to happen.
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Make a practical flood plan now
February 18, 2019 | Strategic Risk
Paul May, Operations Engineering Manager at FM Global Australia, urges risk managers across the Asia-Pacific region to develop a practical plan in the event of a catastrophic flood.
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Time is up for solo risk accountability model
January 29, 2019 | Strategic Risk
Following the release of a whitepaper from FM Global, which revealed CFOs are increasingly being held accountable for not properly addressing the risks posed by natural hazards, StrategicRISK sat down with Michael Stuckings, Operations Chief Engineer at FM Global Australia to find out what this means for risk managers.
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