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Revised NSW fire and emergency services levy

Effective 01-January 2019

On 30-May-2017 the NSW Government announced it will defer the introduction of the Fire and Emergency Services Levy (FESL) as a property based tax, stating the ESL will continue to be collected via insurance policies. Legislation passed by Parliament on 23 June 2017 and received Royal Assent on 27 June 2017 with commencement from 01 Jul 2017.

FM Global have estimated that to meet the funding obligations to the Fire and Emergency Services a rate of 25.5% will need to be applied to all assessable NSW premium effective 01 January 2019.

The rate will be reviewed periodically and may vary in future in response to revised Brigade budget expectations, revised industry insurance premium pool estimates, and other factors arising from the NSW government’s decision to reinstate the insurer ESL.



The Emergency Services Levy (“ESL”) is a charge that is added by the insurance company to the cost of your property insurance to recover its required contribution to emergency services agencies in NSW. The ESL paid with any premium on a policy is used to fund emergency services in NSW in the financial year in which the policy commences.

The Insurance Monitor

The Insurance Monitor was established in June 2016 as an independent body. One of its functions is the monitor the prices for the issue of regulated contracts of insurance. Professor Allan Fels AO and Professor David Cousins AM have been appointed by the NSW Government as the Emergency Services Levy Insurance Monitor and Deputy Monitor, respectively and remain in these roles.

If you would like further information

Contact your FM Global Account Manager or AFM Production Underwriter in the first instance if you have questions about your policy.

Information about the Insurance Monitor can be found at: